Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Odd & Ends

Well, it finally happened: Keller turned into a monkey and learned how to "escape" from his crib. Here he is in his "big boy" bed...

He also discovered play dough, and I discovered he could sport a pony tail :)

Re-arranging my cupboard. Notice Duke on stand by just in case something hits the floor!

Duke likes to ride in the car seat when Keller isn't there. Well, actually, he likes to ride in it even when Keller is there.

Keller learned how to drive

Collect and sample sticks at the beach

Duke learned how to ride in the back of the truck

Student Driver

Awww precious!

We brunched with Uncle Matty

And then crashed out after all of the excitement!

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Brandy said...

great pictures. i love the name keller too. and we had a yellow lab. best dogs ever