Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekends away from home

The past few weekends have been very busy for us. We went to Florence for the Rhody Festival, then to the Rogue River for Memorial weekend, and we just got home from a "get-away" night at the lake house. Keller loves being outdoors, which means we usually have to travel to get somewhere nice enough to be outside. But luckily he also loves car rides!

Learning to drive the boat...

Ready for my first attempt at wakeboarding...

I did it!!

Keller driving my car...a few more years buddy, lets wait until you can at least see over the steering wheel!

Somebody get this boy a steak!!

Riding his girlfriends 4-wheeler...okay, maybe he was just sitting on it, but it's a start!

Keller and Uncle Matthew with their matching mustaches.

At the carnival-underneath a pink tent, he's not really wearing a pink hat, but hey, it's the new black right!?

Kisses for mommy on Mother's Day xoxo

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Jill said...

I'm very excited to be known as "crafty" Jill! Thanks for checking out my blog. Cuuuuute baby! :)